Why a hybrid bag?

We created the hybe bag because of all those moments when we're unprepared for a situation - because having the right bag for the right occasion is crucial!

The 'light bulb' moments were many and wide reaching:  Meeting friends on Brighton beach and seeing so many people sitting uncomfortably on the famous bum-numbing pebbles; all the times in the queue boarding a flight to Greece and seeing other passengers awkwardly and unsuccessfully trying to stuff their handbag and/or duty free into their holdall to meet the '1 cabin bag rule'; the many occasions getting 'caught out' buying too much in store and having to purchase further bags at the till; not having a bag big enough, not having a bag small enough, not having a bag diverse enough. All these situations helped to bring the idea of the hybe (hybrid) bag to life.


What are the 5 different modes/styles?

The hybe bag can be configured in 5 different modes to work for you in multiple ways throughout the day:


Hybe Instructions Video

To help you configure your hybe into your favourite mode please watch the video. Your hybe bag comes packaged in the 'Tote' mode - follow the instructions to get aquatinted with the other shape-shifting modes: