hybe on InStyle.gr

March 28, 2017

We were very excited that hybe appeared in the News section of Instyle Greece.

Ioannis Tsioulis wrote a short piece about our product, and suggested hybe will become everyone's favourite everyday bag.

Here is a translation of the piece.

Tired of having to swap bags throughout the day? We found the bag that you can keep all hours.

The modern woman who is always on the go does not have time to keep changing bags depending on where she is and what she does throughout the day. And most bags are not big enough to hold all of her belongings. This is why a brand from England made a brand new big bag that transforms into four different versions and holds everything a busy woman needs to carry each day. Hybe comes in different fabrics and prints, and can be converted from duffle bag for the gym to even a picnic mat. The design meets ergonomics in a creation that will surely become your favourite every day bag. 


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